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Design Systems for the Private Aviation

Project Details

I’m currently the Senior Designer for different cloud based aviation projects, currently used by some of the largest private aviation operators worldwide.

The products I’m working on are replacing obsolete Flash applications and they are designed for managing flights and services performed by one or more operators: they complex systems that are allowing different types of users (in particular dispatchers and brokers) to work with services, permits, crew scheduling, while editing details of the flight and generally having an overview on the fleet.

I am responsible of the User Experience of these products – together with a multidisciplinary team, we are following Agile and Design Thinking methodologies, being in constant communication the users, co-designing with them and involving them in usability testings.

The final look and feel is the result of accessibility and inclusivity tests – the bright palette is optimized for best legibility and contrast in non-optimal environments and it is compliant with color blind people requirements.

I am as well overseeing the creation and development of a Design System of reusable components – shared between these projects and the Crew App (more content regarding the system will be uploaded soon!)

Design Studio

Nuvolar Software, Barcelona

My role

Design System Lead
Senior UX Designer
Design Researcher


May 2018 – Current