IoT Code

A bundle of flexible assets for IoT apps

Project Details

IoT Code is a UI asset library for creating Internet of Things related apps for all devices.

The first bundle contains a small set of assets for home automation (a thermostat), quantified self (drinking water monitoring), weather forecast.
It is also possible to play with these assets on Codepen: they are available as HTML – CSS – JS specifications and they could be therefore freely customized in font, colors, interaction, etc.

Deliverables and Process

As Senior Designer, I supervised and actively contributed to all the phases of the project.

Firstly, I put on the hat of the Researcher, designing and delivering a benchmark on Internet of Things related apps and interfaces, state of the market, challenges and opportunities. I discovered there was an interesting spot for a collection of free, downloadable IoT assets.

Secondly, I contributed as Creative Director to help the design team creating the look and feel of all the assets, designing the interaction and the animations. I created different examples and storyboards relying on different design and development tools (Sketch, Principle, Zeplin).

I finally worked as a coordinator – quality assurance for the Front End team, to make sure that the visual details and interaction features of the assets were consistent with the final design.


NiEW Design (internal project)

My role

Design Researcher
Creative Director


February – April 2017