A modular UI builder for Industry 4.0

Project Details

UNIQO is an IDE (integrated development environment), a software application helping programmers in building flows and components from software development. It is simplifying the construction of a GUI (graphical user interface) for automation machines of different types.
It is compatible with any hardware platform and operating system, following the OPC UA standard (recommended for Industry 4.0) and allowing the user to check in runtime the chosen design. It is part of a suite of different cloud based softwares and apps named Q Platform.

UNIQO and Q Platform are the state of the art for this kind of application, and the revolutionary runtime function is the first of its kind.
The user will be able to check seamlessy between design and production to see if its layout and code proposal are suitable for the industrial plant system.

Deliverables and Process

I worked as Senior UX Designer, leading a team of UX Designers and Front End developers.

I was working in close contact with the client and coaching a small team of developers: together with the research team, we were regularly conducting workshops to review the developer’s work and sketch together new solutions. Apart from this, we were regularly conducting user interviews and usability tests, as well as delivering UX Research dossiers to trigger creative solutions in the client (dense investigations with competitor analysis in IDE’s market).

During the design phase, I coached the design team, reviewing different concepts for the application, helping creating wireframes and flows, low-fi and hi-gi prototypes, brand and visual design guidelines, a customized icon set.



My role

Senior UX Designer
UX Researcher
Art Director


November 2016 – May 2018